A New Americas Alliance for Sport for All


A New Americas Alliance for Sport for All The Sport for All movement in the Americas region has evolved in recent years and continues to gain momentum. There is an ever increasing need for joint action, knowledge sharing and transfer. In this light and based on the longstanding partnership with INDER (National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, Cuba) TAFISA on the occasion of the CUBAMOTRICIDAD 2016 Conference (25th – 28th May) in Varadero, Cuba was invited to organize the 1st TAFISA Pan American Sport for. It was attended by 100 participants representing more than 20 countries from the region. In the presence of INDER Vice President Gladys Bequer, TAFISA President Ju-Ho Chang, TAFISA Vice President Catherine Forde, PASO Vice President Keith Joseph and ISCA Vice President Maria Luiza Diaz it was agreed to launch “The Americas Alliance on for Sport for All (TAASFA)”. TAASFA will create the foundation for more effective influence and guidance, and could provide a better level of regional cooperation necessary to reach the common goals of all those who cherish the benefits of an expanding Sport for All movement to fight the crisis of physical inactivity and obesity.

TAASFA will be a regional network open to governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of Sport for All and physical activity (SAPA) with the aim of making more citizens, more active, more often. A Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of TAASFA is in the process to be signed by TAFISA, PASO, CACSO, CANOC, INDER and ISCA.
TAFISA Bulletin 2016/17

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