TAFISA WORLD WALKING DAY (WWD) 2019 - 5TH TO 6TH OCTOBER 2019 TAFISA World Walking Day will officially take place on the weekend of October 5-6, however events on other dates may also register to be a part of the celebrations.WWD is open to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and genders, and it is open to every TAFISA member organization and any...
2019 NATIONAL JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS Australian Kodokan Judo Association (AKJA) Junior, Cadet, Senior & Veterans; female and male. Training Camp, Kata and Shiai Fri 4th - Sun 6th October 2019 Gordonvale High Sport Centre Sheppards St., Gordonvile Caros QLD, Australia.
The I TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival will be held on the territory of the Ulyanovsk Region (Russian Federation) from 13 to 17 of September, 2019. The festival was organized by the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region, the International Organization «Sport for All» TAFISA, the Russian Union of Martial Arts and the Ulcongress. It is expected that this big international sport...
A torch-kindling ceremony for the 8th International Martial Arts Games took place in Pyongyang on Wednesday. The torch kindled at the cauldron near the Taekwondo Palace on Chongchun Street will be brought to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony venue of the 8th International Martial Arts to be held in Italy in November. Present at the ceremony were Ri Yong Son, chairman of...
Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Italiana de Educación Deportiva donde el Maestro Alfredo Vismara, Director Técnico de la World Judo Federación está entre la lista de expositores el próximo 27 de octubre 2019 en la ciudad de Milano, Italia. Las Caras de La Misma Medalla será el tema tratado bajo la premisa de TORI & UKE - UKE & TORI...
La World Judo Federation (WJF) se integró a la celebración del Día Internacional la Juventud el 12 agosto fue declarado por Asamblea General Naciones Unidas como Día Internacional la Juventud mediante Resolución N° 54/120 del año 1999, cumpliendo con recomendación Conferencia Mundial de Ministros Asuntos la Juventud, realizada un año antes. Los diferentes organismos a nivel Mundial afiliados a la...
JUDO PARA TODOS JUDO FOR ALL 9th 2019 World Judo Day / IX Día Mundial del Judo 2019 26 August 2019 / 26 agosto 2019 Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.- Aquel 26 de agosto 2011 en Río de Janeiro, Brasil, se  marco un hito en el desarrollo de la disciplina del judo cuando fue fundada la Federación Mundial de Judo (World Judo Federation). La...
JUDO FOR ALL UNITED KINGDOM, JFAUK are pround to announce that we will be attending the first WJF Traditional Judo Championships which will be incorporated into the 8th International World Martial Arts Games taking place in Carrara, Italy. Drawing competitors from 40 countries and held every two years, the International Martial Arts Games bring together all martial arts in a worldwide...
WJF World Judo Championships 8th International Martial Arts Games (IMGC2019) Carrara, Tuscany, Italy 30th October - 3rd November Organized by: International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC) and World Judo Federation (WJF) All information: segreteria.jfait@gmail.com  and info@jfauk.org www.wjfworldjudofederation.org , www.judoforall.eu
Across the 2nd - 5th July, Sobell judoka Alex Charalambous and Sam Sampson travelled to the 2019 World Sports Games in Tortosa to take on judoka from across the globe in hopes of achieving a world medal. The World Sports Games is a multi sports event similar to the Olympics where thousands of athletes descend of a different city every...


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