TAFISA’s Mission 2030: «For a Better World Through Sport for All» is the guiding document for a global strategy to fight the worldwide physical inactivity epidemic.

Today, our people and our world face challenges and threats on a diverse scale never seen before – from climate change to civil unrest, non-communicable diseases, isolation, oppression, poverty, terrorism and the threat of nuclear war.  These are not problems unique to any one demographic, geography, belief system or political status.  These are global problems, faced by all of us; our friends, our neighbours, our families, our children.  Without immediate and effective change, generations to come will not enjoy the world as we have done.  The world they will live in will be a lesser world than ours.  This is not only not fair, but unacceptable… and preventable.

Sport, physical activity, elite and grassroots sports, play, movement, traditional sports and games, leisure and recreational sports…  Whatever you wish to call it, Sport for All has the power to make a change, to make the world a better place, to contribute to solving the world’s problems like little else can.  All people are made to play, and play, in all its physical forms, is understood by all people.  It crosses boundaries of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, geographic location and physical or mental abilities, and builds bridges and bonds between people.  It increases physical, mental and social health, reduces environmental and economic costs, preserves cultural diversity and creates peace.  It is a basic human right, and a mighty tool to combat our greatest global challenges.

Our mission is to create a better world through Sport for All by 2030 for the next generation to enjoy.  There are many outstanding research and white papers, agendas and guidelines establishing the case for Sport for All and physical activity (SAPA), as well as global Sustainable Development Goals, and TAFISA encourages you to access these.  However, as the leader of the global Sport for All Movement, TAFISA is familiar with members, stakeholders and change-makers within the Movement, at local, national and international levels, and is calling them to action, alongside TAFISA.


TAFISA Mission 2030 (EN)

TAFISA Mission 2030 (ES)

TAFISA Mission 2030 (FR)


  • Respect in Sport and through Sport

Leading a series of transversal topics spanning the themes of Mission 2030, the first Workbook: “Respect in Sport and through Sport” has been published. Undeniably, respect is necessary for all sporting activities; organised or spontaneous, grassroots or elite, urban or rural, regional, national or international, etc. Fair play, tolerance, mutual acceptance, healthy body and mind, teamwork, the spirit of community, cultural heritage and diversity – all of which are not only essential in the sporting sphere but can also be summarised under the attitude of respect.

Read the Workbook here: Respect in Sport and through Sport Workbook [PDF]


TAFISA implores all its members, stakeholders, partners and friends to stand up for SAPA and grassroots sports, and adopt the Mission as a framework and guidelines for action.  It is time we all take notice, take responsibility, take action, and, through Sport for All, commit to creating a better world for the next generation.

Since it was adopted by the TAFISA General Assembly in Seoul, Korea, on November 16th, 2017, close to 100 organisations from 50 countries worldwide have already committed to supporting TAFISA’s Mission 2030.

Join the Global Sport for All Movement in our historic effort to make the world a better place and adopt Mission 2030!

Please fill in and return the following form to info@tafisa.org:

Together, we are stronger!


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