Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The activities of the National Judo Day in the country were announced with the realization of intramural tournaments, photographic exhibitions and posters, walks, talks about the history of judo, recognitions, among other activities.
The work will be carried out by the Executive Committees of the different associations that make up the Dominican Confederation of Judo, Condojudo, which is chaired by the lawyer Jose Rafael Suarez Morales and whose secretary is Professor Marcos Reyes Torres.
The National Judo Day in the Dominican Republic has a special dedication to those practitioners of this oriental discipline already deceased as a sign of recognition for the great contributions of each of them.
The 75th anniversary of the beginning of judo practices in the country since 1943 and its first practitioners, such as Príamo Morel, Bayoan Pou and Sixto Incháustegui Rodriguez were also marked, marking the development of this discipline originating in Japan. institutionalized in 1882 with the foundation in Tokyo of the Kodokan Institute by Master Jigoro Kano
That initiative of Master Kano and the export of judo to the world in an accelerated way after the end of the Second World War allowed the discipline to begin its Olympic participation in the Games of the XVIII Olympiad, Tokyo 1964.
The legacy of Master Kano, first member of the International Olympic Committee representing the Chrysanthemum Kingdom, Japan, came to UNESCO when he declared Judo as one of the most formative sports for children and adolescents.
The engineer Jaime Casanova Martínez has been invited to the activity as the greatest authority in the country of this martial art turned into an Olympic sport in his capacity as president of the Panamerican Judo Union and of the World Judo Federation.
«With this celebration, what we do is to follow part of the Master Kano’s postulates of Friendship and Mutual Prosperity, which is in the best interest of the dominican youth for which we work tirelessly,» said Mr. Suárez Morales, who gave the details of the activities to run on the date of May 5, 2018.

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

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