WJF at the X IMGC Congress


Carrara, Italy.- Within the framework of the 8th World Martial Arts Games, the International Martial Arts Committee of, IMGC, held its 10th Congress with the participation of the different international federations that make up the structure of that entity.
The activity took place in the CarraraFiere Meeting Room of this city where the martial activity is based.

Among the federations present the World Confederation of Karate, World Judo Federation, Jendo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay, Pahuyuth, Pancreation, among others.
Mr. Paul Hoglund, First Vice President of the World Judo Federation is a member of the Executive Committee of the IMGC.

The activity was directed by the president of the IMGC Mr. RI Yong Son developed the agenda previously approved by the delegate representatives present.

For the World Judo Federation in addition to Paul Hoglund also present David Gordge who is its vice president – treasurer and Luiz Pavani in his capacity as vice president of the Panamerican Judo Union (PJU) and president of the South American Judo Confederation (CSJ).
Continuous activities with the inauguration of these 8th Martial Arts Games, Competitions of all sports and the meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation (WJF)

«This participation of the members of the Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation is an essential part of the development of our entity with the integration of different countries,» said Jaime Casanova, president of the World Judo Federation (WJF)

Carrara, Italy.:

October 31, 2019.


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