WJF Sweden News July 2020 / WJF Suecia Noticias Julio 2020


Dear WJF Friends,

The WJF Sweden is the Swedish branch of World Judo Federation, accepted in 2019.
WJF Sweden is administrated by a board and the National Office Dokan Dojo, located in Gothenburg.
Our main objective is to spread the message about a”Judo for All”, a training for all ages in traditional Kodokan Judo.


Our wiew of a traditional Kodokan Judo

We value the tradition and philosophy of the founder Kano Shihan. Judo should be a true Budō and Martial Art, with training in all the included Waza, Kodokan Kata and studies in Judo History.

We prefer ”the Old school Judo”-rules, allowing leg grabs and some more time for Ne waza groundwork

Kodokan Kata practising will always be an important part of our activity

Upcoming events

We have now started to register all our black belts with both WJF certificates and ID.
Some of our upcoming event during the autumn will be:

  • World Judo Day and WJF Sweden National Dan Grading in August
  •  Kata Course ”Kime no Kata” in December

    Membership information:

We are offering two kinds of Membership:

•       Annual Club/Dojo Membership
•       Individual Membership

Our Future plans

Our plan will for the moment be focused on:

•  promotion of traditional Kodokan Judo and World Judo Federation in Sweden

•  our Annual Kata Course

• to organizing both upcoming WJF Sweden National Instructor Course and Referee Course

• to establish a WJF Sweden National Team in both Shiai and Kata

For the moment, we are still in a start-up stage.
Our wish is that we soon will get more involved members who can contribute to this work.

We will return with some reports and news during the autumn!

Stay Safe!

Best Regards,

Pavel Antonsson
General Secretary
WJF Sweden


Contact information:

WJF Sweden National Office

c/o Dokan Dojo

Welandergatan 28

41656 Gothenburg


E-mail: dokan.dojo87@gmail.com

Cell phone: +46 708 767948

Download Indo: WJF Sweden News July 2020.pdf

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