It is imminent the creation of a new ruling entity of world judo, which will be formed, initially, by several national federations who are not satisfied with the actions of the International Judo Federation.
For the composition of this World Judo Federation, name of the newborn organization, the creators have the support of several countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and America.
This actions are held in consequence of the disagreements with the International Judo Federation for the changes included in the Olympic classification system, changes in the repechage system, the non recognition of the decisions made by the Court of Arbitration of Sports, disrespect of the decisions made by the Continental Unions, the approval of a new antidemocratic statute, which ignores the Court of Arbitration of Sports, among other situations without leaving aside the personal history of Mr. Marius Vizer which in any way benefits world judo.
Moreover, the violations of the former statute of the International Judo Federation were clear when illegally Mr. Marius Vizer extended his ruling period in front of this organization from 2 to six years without carrying out the necessary electoral process and the pointing out of a group of people for the Executive Committee.
The organizers of the new organization who expects to rule world judo also justify their actions on the arrogant and dictatorial attitude held by the president of the International Judo Federation Mr. Marius Vizer.
By promoting the establishment of this new organization the ruling Committee plans to hold World senior, juvenile and infantile Championships, as well as, preparing Masters and other training and administrative activities, among other activities in benefit of world judo.
They base their organization of the total unification of several trends of world judo where federations taking part of this organization have the ability of rescuing the dissident groups of national entities.
The project is to unite all the world judo community in a democratic and developing way without exclusion and in a general way for which we will search for the recognition of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the General Association of International Sports Federations (AGFIS), among other organizations with a futuristic vision of this sport worldwide.
It will maintain the essence of judo according to what Master Jigoro Kano stated in its establishment in the year 1882 without leaving aside the fact that modern times demand the participation of multidisciplinary groups in order to guarantee the future of the athletes as the main body for the making of the project.
The declarations where given by the spokesperson of this new world organization assuring that the Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation will be formed by recognized personalities of this sport worldwide.
March 27th, 2009.-

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