World Walking Day 2022 Tafisa
Dia Mundial de la Caminata Tafisa 2022

2 October, 2022 / 2 octubre 2022
Sunday – 10 am local time / Domingo – 10 am hora local

Join us to connect the world  through 24-hour planet-wide relay going from east to west!

BE active & raise your voice!

On 2 October 2022 at 10am local time, participants from all corners of the world will get active and pass the baton, creating a wave across the world from East to West and covering all 24 time zones.

Beyond a simple event, it provides a platform for sharing causes and values important to you, and shows that the Sport for All Movement stands together and united to create a better world.

This year, TAFISA will strive to promote peace and solidarity, bringing participants together to foster harmony, friendship, and build bridges between groups, communities and nations.

Pass the baton and contribute to the team effort to help connect the world through a planet-wide relay from East to West.

Choose how you want to be active, bring your community together, and share your message!

TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 Hours Around the Globe
Make it your own!

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